about us

the entire renewable energy value chain

We enable innovative solutions that work, from technology, advisory, and development to the connection to the grid and impact investment – all under one roof: oe.energy.

The Future We crave

We envision a future powered by clean technologies, applied in a regenerative way.

Pushing boundaries, we are challenging the status quo in energy technology developments by driving the transition to local, decentrally arranged renewable generation sources. The generation circle of tomorrow must be able to contribute to a net-positive energy balance.

As a family business, we leverage our unique synergies of controlling the entire project value chain, decades of experience, and a strong network. Proactively redefining the energy landscape, oe.energy blends best practices from both the utility and commercial sectors.

Blending tradition & values with cutting edge technology

We started in the early beginnings of renewable energy and sustainably integrated our value chain horizontally and vertically, where we thrive today.

Our family business roots are leading back to Schaffhausen, Switzerland of 1507. We stand for long lasting relations, reliability, investments, and a vision benefiting all.

Today, after two decades within global energy sectors, we control our full value chains, from solar cell production to grid-connected power systems. Our horizontal and vertical integration empowers us with unparalleled independence, enabling the creation of our own markets. Consequently, we develop, build and maintain our own installations and projects with focus on wind, photovoltaics and other renewable technologies in Switzerland as well as the European Union.

a story of renewables, innovation, and assets.

Our market strategy is structured, emphasizing collaboration, leveraging networks, meticulous project selection, and a strong belief in innovation.

Based primarily in Switzerland and Germany, our companies in the field of cleantech and associated services our subsidiaries in cleantech and allied services stand stand at the forefront of expertise, spanning innovation, finance, mergers and acquisitions, engineering, and technical advisory.

We're committed to elevating our partners and clients to a high level of project realization expertise, overtaking expertise-related matters and assist from technology to finance. Through our efforts we move thousands of megawatts in projects for our clients and partners, constantly overseeing billions of euros invested in transforming these projects into renewable power plants.

Daniel A. Oechslin at Impact Gstaad Event


Described by corporate teams, partners and his Family, Dan is a pioneer and visionary leader in renewable energy and impact investments.

He leads revolutionary strides in the world of technology, innovation, and renewable energy conception in utility and commercial segments. Building his specialized companies across the entire value chain of renewable energy in the last two decades, his expertise and leadership are unparalleled.

An influential force in shaping the future of renewable energy, Daniel combines economic functions with innovation, education, encouraging a culture of sustainability, progress, and renewable energy for a more sustainable world in and outside his corporate circles.

Daniel A. Oechslin
Owner & Chairman of the Management Board