A regenerative future for all

To accelerate the transition to a positive, regenerative energy future for all.

The planet is indifferent to its climate, temperatures, or biodiversity - but are we humans? Our generation's greatest and most urgent challenge is transitioning to a world without fossil fuels. Renewable energy is an opportunity for many, but mainly for our children and our earth.

It is time to protect our existence, secure our prosperity, and improve our quality of life. It is time to turn a threat into an opportunity for all.

from fossil to regenerative

The successful energy transition goes beyond technology. It's about people, our prosperity and quality of life.

The first step is to achieve "sustainability" as commonly described by limiting our impact. It is the balance point where we give back as much as we take, also known as "net zero", just not limited to CO2. However, this is only the beginning.

The second step is enabling ecological and social systems to a healthy state through "restorative" sustainability.

The third and last step is to maintain a healthy state and to evolve through "regenerative" sustainability.

future energy landscape

The promotion and expansion of renewable energies in Europe is an important aspect to ensure an independent, economical and at the same time ecological development of our future energy supply.

Running renewable utility scale technologies along with wind and solar PV assets to change the domestic landscapes in central Europe. An intelligent mix of wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and battery energy storage systems form the basis for our energy future.

Hybrid assets, decentrally arranged and load curve adapted allow multiple advantages: reduction of the load on the grid, reduced energy prices, local and clean energy, all benefiting the energy strategy.

People and Ownership structure

The transition to a regenerative future is just as much a human as a technological opportunity.

The citizens, municipalities and generally the people must participate on power generation to achieve stable energy prices and generation from clean forms of energy together. Wherever we go, we consult local associations, ideas, flora & fauna, livestock and - the people.

We create a common energy generation landscape without monopoles on energy ownership and pricing: no market control of large half-private corporates and their affiliates. We support a balanced scenario from locally available technologies - owned by the local people and municipalities.

Technology & Education

To achieve sustainable development in the coming decades, we combine and enhance environmental, social, and economic interests through technology.

The technologies to overcome our challenges are here today. Solar and wind energy are the most cost-efficient power generation technologies - by a long stretch. Still, all we try to achieve is to be "less bad" instead of embracing the opportunities of a regenerative future for all.

In an environment of ever increasing influence of monetary interests, the importance of facts has been diminished. To not fall for greenwashing and vested interests of players profiting from the status quo, education for all is crucial. Find out more in our blogs and social media activities.