wind power assets


OE-CT eolic: Responsible branch unit in wind energy.

solar PV assets


OE/CT voltaic: Focus on Photovoltaic energy assets. 

hybrid new era assets

HYBRID: new tech combined ASSETS

OE/CT hybrid: Focus on cutting-edge new era assets.

clean tech ASSET HOLDING

Creating a unique European Energy Project pipeline of eolic and photovoltaic energy assets, OE-CT holds and operates realized projects in and outside of Switzerland.

The Clean Tech Asset Holding, short OE-CT is an umbrella company with the purpose to control renewable energy assets through its specialized subsidiaries across eolic, photovoltaic and hybrid energy generation assets within our Build-Own-Operate approach. All assets are developed under one roof:

Independent power producer

We invest into projects based in Switzerland with a strong focus on public participations.

As an IPP, we own our projects together with individuals and municipalities where the assets are built: our bridge between asset and power ownership for 30+ years.

While also invest in research, development and assets of commercial and industrial sizing with a participation either of public or partnership nature. By this we underline the focus of our goal: Renewable acceptance and leverage.

100% renewable asset Pipeline

We develop a project pipeline of RES powerplants with a capacity of over 800 megawatts solely in Switzerland.

We focus on large-scale alpine and valley mounted photovoltaic and wind generation plants. Cutting-edge hybrid technology assets are our foundation to achieving our targets.

Elevating the synergies of wind and solar PV energy, ensures the project pipeline with it’s leading companies along the entire value chain in renewables. We own and operate assets, strategically selected and always containing a non bankable component.

Wind, solar, Hydrogen, Water

The Challenge: Around-the-clock availability of renewably generated power in Switzerland.

We combine multiple technologies in an efficient way to leverage the synergies of the individual technologies. Over the coming 5 years, 9 Cantons, 17 Municipalities and more than 200 people involved in the developments carried out by OE-EN.

Within our slogan CLEAN TECH. FINANCE. ASSETS. we are utilizing packed know-how of our multi-decade experienced teams in finance, m&a and technology to succeed bringing these values to life.

OE-CT eolic

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OE-CT Voltaic

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OE-CT hybrid

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