ENergie Holding

We enable innovative technology that works, from technology, advisory, and development to connection to the grid and impact investment – all under one roof:

The promotion and expansion of renewable energies in Europe is an important aspect to ensure an independent, economical and at the same time ecological development of our future energy supply.

OE-EN is an umbrella company with the purpose to control investment projects, to participate in innovative technology projects and to build and hold generation plants in the field of renewable energies.  It holds investment, technology and operating companies to ensure sustainable development along the value chain of the investments.

Operating companies

Green energy venture Engineering

Engineering: A leading European advisory and services firm that operates along the value chain of renewable energy in connecting financial and energy markets. We specialize in utility-scale planning of renewable technologies.

Green energy venture advisory

Technology & Sustainability Advisory with services in the areas of M&A, due diligence, feasibility studies, ESG and Net-Zero strategy as its core focus.


Commercial Installations: Swiss Renewable Solutions is a private investment company. From the planning and engineering of hi-tech systems to their financing and implementation.

RSM Energy

Agriculture x Solar PV: RSM Energy is a company of OE-EN, which is engaged in innovative projects of pilot character in the emerging Swiss agrivoltaic market.

mountain sun technologies

Mountain Sun Technologies assists alpine solar project developers with engineering, technology selection, and project management towards a successful #Solarexpress motivated implementation.

Development Companies


Project Development: As part of OE-EN, Alpha Solar aims to build solar PV pilot generation assets with the purpose that these assets can be serialized by other group companies.

Oe-Wind AG

Wind Project Development: As part of OE-EN, OE-WIND aims to develop commercial generation facilities in the field of eolic renewable energy.

Company Holdings


Solar Modules: For almost 20 years, our company has been a holding production partner at the owner level. As our own Bloomberg Tier 1 production company, we are thus independent of third-party producers.


Alpine Solar: OE-EN is an integral part of SolSarine AG, promoting and supporting the initiative through its participation and Green Energy Venture AG as LTA (Lead Technical Advisor).


OE-EN AG holds investments in the development of renewable projects in Switzerland as well as in other European countries in the fields of photovoltaics, storage and wind.
The focus of the portfolio on an independent IPP strategy along the mainstream technologies of renewable generation is a key to support and expand the marketability of our platform in the future.