oe.energy: the renewable energy value chain vertically integrated under one roof.

We build a regenerative future, powered by our services, solutions, and projects in renewable energy.

We enable innovative technology that works, from technology, advisory, and development to connection to the grid and impact investment – all under one roof: oe.energy. We operate various companies in the area of ​​cleantech and associated services at home and abroad, which work at the forefront of the competence areas of innovation, financing, M&A, engineering and technical advisory.

To accelerate the transition to a positive, regenerative energy future for all.

oe.energy is the roof brand representation for our groupwide activities in renewable energies to reinforce the impact of our mission.

Playful visualization of our fields of activities along the renewable energy value chain

Our fields of activities

As a family business, we leverage our unique synergies of controlling the entire project value chain, decades of experience, and a strong network. Proactively redefining the energy landscape, oe.energy blends best practices from both the utility and commercial sectors.

Research and Education

Our partnership with research institutions in China and Switzerland pave the way to more efficient power generation.

In an environment of ever increasing influence of monetary interests, the importance of facts has been diminished. To not fall for greenwashing and vested interests of players profiting from the status quo, education for all is crucial. Find out more in our blogs and increasing activities on social media.

Solar PV Modules

For almost 20 years, our company has been a holding production partner at the owner level. As our own Bloomberg Tier 1 production company, we are thus independent of third-party producers.

Utility-Scale Renewable Projects

Green Energy Venture is a leading European advisory and services firm that operates along the value chain of renewable energy in connecting financial and energy markets. We specialize in utility-scale planning of renewable technologies. In our advisory firm, services in the areas of M&A, due diligence, feasibility studies, ESG and Net-Zero strategy form our core focus.

Management an Operation of Renewable Energy Assets

With Renewable Technology, short Re-Tec, we have an operations and maintenance company for Wind and PV assets in central Europe. With a country focus on Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Austria, we are taking account on the operations servicing of Assets including inspection, control, engineering and certification.

We also operate and manage our own assets. Creating a unique European Energy Project pipeline of eolic and photovoltaic energy assets, OE/CT holds and operates realized projects in and outside of Switzerland.


Mission Regenerative Future: To accelerate the transition to a positive, regenerative energy future for all.

We are bold enough to believe that we can change the world by accelerating the transition to a positive, restorative energy future for all. We envision a future that is regenerative. From “green” to “restore” and“regenerate”. Guided by our family values, we accelerate the transition to a positive, restorative energy future for all.

Alpine Solar

Mountain Solar Technologies assists several Alpine Project developers to succeed with the engineering, technology selection, and project management towards a successful Solar-Express motivated implementation.

OE-EN is an integral part of SolSarine AG, promoting and supporting the initiative through its participation and Green Energy Venture AG as LTA (Lead Technical Advisor).


RSM Energy is a company of OE-EN, which is engaged in innovative projects of pilot character in the emerging Swiss agrivoltaic market.

Commercial Buildings

Swiss Renewable Solutions is a private investment company. From the planning and engineering of hi-tech systems to their financing and implementation.

Join us on our mission to create a positive, regenerative future for Switzerland - together, today!