Year in Review - Year in Preview

2023 was the year that the roof brand was brought to life, and the foundation for our inspiring projects in Switzerland and around the world was laid. 2024 is the year to make our vision for a regenerative future an inspiring reality for all.

Buckle up for our end-of-year review – and a look forward to next year.

2023 was a challenging year for the energy industry. In the middle of geopolitical tensions, energy prices first spiked to historic heights to then fall in 2023. As a consequence, the #solarexpress was born as one of many measures for Switzerland to become energy independent. Meanwhile, the entire group continued to deliver major projects in our international core business.

To accelerate the transition to a positive, regenerative energy future for all.


To accelerate the transition to a positive, regenerative energy future for all.

The planet is indifferent to its climate, temperatures, or biodiversity - but are we humans? The greatest and most urgent challenge of our generation is the transition to a world that functions without fossil fuels.

It's is time to protect our existence, secure our prosperity, and improve our quality of life. Time to turn a threat into an opportunity for all.

The successful energy transition goes beyond technology. It's about people, our prosperity, and quality of life. Therefore, we have taken our time to create Mission: Regenerative Future, will start to tell our story, and invite everybody to join us on our mission.


The year was characterized by many project highlights, building strength and structures, and the birth of our roof brand

In 2023, we managed to lay the foundation to challenge the status quo in energy in 2024. Going digital will strengthen our mission and support us in challenging the status quo.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. Albert Einstein

Project Highlights

The market has confirmed our expectations – PPAs are a perfect fit for the Swiss energy landscape. In 2023, we have been in contact with more than 100 offtakers and IPPs and marketed over 250 GWh/y of energy. Intensifying our path towards hybrid technologies confirms our way forward in the PPA market.

Total Hybrid: a tailor-made energy mix from locally available renewable sources.

By going "total hybrid", we started to support corporations and municipalities in decarbonizing their thermal and electrical energy. We look forward to showcasing projects and results to help Switzerland become energy independent and achieve it's sustainability goals.

Our solar PV teams supported the UK becoming energy independent in one of the largest projects. The Tillbridge Solar project aims to make 800 MWp with PV and BESS an inspiring reality and we are proud to be supporting this pioneering project.

Solar Contracting: 750kWp Solar PV installation in Strassfurt by SRS, enabling 55% autarky and 50% energy cost reduction.

Our C&I solar installations teams took up speed, with one of the successful projects being a 750kWp installation in Strassfurt, Germany. Teams of the family supported SRS in making this and many more projects a reality.

Our cooperation with WES and our passion for wind energy took us further – or should we say 137m upwards!

We welcome Windenergie Schweiz AG to the family! The cooperation between WES and the family will make community wind projects an inspiring reality with a pipeline of 90 wind turbines in Switzerland.

The official commissioning of the Alpine Solar Prototype in Gstaad

We make the Swiss #solarexpress an inspiring reality. In September, the first of it's kind Alpine Solar PV Prototype, was officially commissioned in Gstaad to collect valuable data. While the SolSarine project faced the human realities of the NIMBY phenomenon ("not in my backyard"), this does not stop us. With a pipeline of an ever increasing number of alpine solar projects, we look forward to sharing stories in 2024.


2024 will be a year to ...

  • make our vision for a regenerative future an inspiring reality for all
  • leverage the power of our "total hybrid" approach
  • strengthen the importance of PPAs in the Swiss market
  • build more renewable energy power generation assets in Switzerland
  • strengthen Swiss agriculture through AgriVoltaic installations

We look forward to 2024. In the meantime, we wish you happy holidays and a great start into the new year!

Join us on our mission to create a positive, regenerative future for Switzerland - together, today!