SRS: Commercial Solar Installations at Zero Financial and Time Expense

Swiss Renewable Solutions is a leading financial partner in commercial solar installations.

  • SRS finances, plans, operates and maintains tailor made solar installations
  • Low and predictable energy cost at increased independence and CO2 neutrality
  • SRS offers an all-round carefree package

The answer to increasing energy cost

Increasing and unpredictable energy costs affect the business continuity. Large-scale solar installations can lower energy cost and improve planning reliability. At the same time, large solar installations tie up capital and time, leading to cost outside of the core business.

Care & Share PV Model for large-scale installations

Unlock significantly more cost-effective and predictable electricity prices without tying up capital or time.

  • One partner that plans, builds, and finances large-scale solar installations.
  • Buy cost-efficient solar power produced on your roof
  • No tie-up of capital or time to contribute to renewable energy supply

Swiss Renewable Solutions

Swiss Renewable Solutions is a private investment company. We accompany companies on their journey to renewable energy. From the planning and engineering of hi-tech systems to their financing and implementation - SRS is your trusted partner for renewable energy concepts.

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