Pioneering in the Swiss Market: Democratizing Energy Production with PPAs

Together with Helion Energy AG, Green Energy Venture is working on bundling electricity from a variety of solar installations and making it accessible to Swiss companies that do not have their own installation options through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). By signing PPAs for solar energy from Swiss PV installations, we accelerate the energy transition and strengthen Switzerland's independence.

How the bundling of decentralized installations works:

✅ Electricity from Swiss rooftops: Up to 40 GWh from a variety of rooftop installations will be made available to various SMEs and businesses, providing them with:

✅ Local clean energy at attractive prices without impacting the landscape 🌱

✅ Sustainable Swiss practices to maintain our quality of life

With access to long-term secured energy prices and renewable energy, Helion contributes to a positive, regenerative energy future for all. We are excited to undertake this pioneering work as the arranger. 💪

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