Switzerland Insight: From Politics to Alpine Solar

Between geopolitical #tradefight and alpine #solar development: A very opaque scenario for most people that affects Switzerland! Or: Why the municipalities involved in large-scale alpine photovoltaic plants will have a clear advantage in many respects in the future...

Some Facts

🧩Since February 23', prices for solar modules have plummeted by around 50%

🏔The costs for alpine photovoltaics vary by up to 100% depending on the location, with identical subsidies. The yield of the systems increases with every metre of height.

⚡️Bifaziale Solar modules generate 10-15% more yield at an altitude of over 1700-2500 metres. Snow is ideal for high ground reflection, resulting in around 65% more energy yield in absolute terms than in the lowlands.

💥The European industry continues to manufacture PV modules. Companies such as aleo solar GmbH and Solar Fabrik are surviving thanks to their own markets and regional customer bases.

🗑The must-have momentum is gone: only the serious developments with the support of the population will become power plants in the sun....

Can it all work out?

Yes, there will be decentralised generation of #winter power in the future. Not because we can't currently do without it, but this is an important part of the future technology mix and at the same time a ticket to much cheaper electricity generation. New, complementary technologies such as hydrogen or storage need this to work.

Even if a kilowatt of installed PV power on the mountain costs around CHF 3000+, we are back at the break-even point with 60% subsidies. Not highly profitable, but secure supply and that is the point.

For wind, storage and hydropower, solar is an ideal counterpart - at less than 3% of total costs, photovoltaic modules are therefore a negligible cost item in this context - but still decisive for the electricity yield.

Interesting developments are on the horizon: Municipalities involved in large-scale plants will have a clear advantage in many respects in the future...

Join us on our mission to create a positive, regenerative future for Switzerland - together, today!