GEV Insights: Three subtle details to ensuring high solar PV yields

With decades of experience in utility-scale projects, our engineers regularly visit the sites of our clients and partners to perform technical assessments, ensuring high-quality standards and yields.

  • Technical advisory in utility-scale solar and wind projects by Green Energy Venture
  • Regular technical assessments on-site

We accompany our clients and partners throughout the solar PV project, from financing and initial planning to commissioning, operation, and maintenance. As part of our projects, visiting the sites is crucial to ensure high-quality standards and yields. Here are three subtle yet impactful details of the many checkpoints in our technical assessments.

Subtle Detail #1: Torquing of bolts

It is essential to ensure that PV modules remain securely in position over the project's lifespan, even in the face of storms, winds, or snow. At the same time, ensuring that the clamps are tightened to the torque specified by the manufacturer is crucial to avoid damage to the modules and ensure exact module spacing and fixation. Modules also must be seated flat against the top of the mounting beams, and no wires or foreign objects should be between the beams to avoid damage.

Assessment of the torque of the clamp bolts

Subtle Detail #2: Cable Management

Good cable management and protection are crucial to ensure an uninterrupted system lifespan with high yields. If the cables are not protected against sharp edges, for instance, this can lead to damage to the insulation, reducing energy production and even posing a potential safety risk, leading to expensive interruptions, troubleshooting, and maintenance work over time.

Assessment of the cable management, making sure the cables are protected

Subtle Detail #3: Tilt Angle

The angle at which the sun hits a PV module determines its yield and is what engineers use in designing an efficient PV project for a specific location and use case. Ensuring these angles in the realization of the system is an essential aspect of achieving the simulated yields in practice.

Assessment of the tilt angle of the solar PV module installation

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