OE-EN: Breathing Life into Switzerland's Wind Energy Landscape

We are planning a large number of projects in wind and solar energy in which citizens can participate directly.

  • Wind energy is sustainable, reliable, and a perfect complementary to our #solar PV initiatives.
  • OE-EN partners with Windenergie Schweiz AG
  • OE-EN has a pipeline of over 20 locations in Switzerland, each with 2 to 6 wind turbines to be built between 2025 and 2030

Our community concept

Our community wind park concept is a basis for democratizing the energy future. Municipalities and regions get the opportunity to actively shape the energy transition and become pioneers of the energy transition. The fact that many citizens can participate with smaller amounts is an important step towards the democratization of energy. The citizens and communities where the plants produce the energy are thus given the opportunity to invest their money directly in the security of supply and can count on long-term attractive returns in addition to affordable energy prices.

Find out more about our community concept, Windenergie Schweiz AG, and OE-EN AG.